Thursday, July 29, 2010

More Treadmill Time

This morning's run included some endurance work. After warm-up, my assignment was to run 1.75 miles without stopping, then 2*3:00 running/0:30 walking, and a quarter mile of walking to cool down. Since I was on the treadmill (as usual during the week), I decided to push the pace a little bit. This wasn't a speed workout, but I decided to start making the Tuesday speediness count for something. It worked out pretty well, with a sub-15:00 avg. pace after warm-up. It was just fast enough so that I felt just a little stretch, but not too much. (I still had a full day's work ahead of me!)

The numbers:
Just walked 0.52 mi, 10:00
Ran/walked 2.51 mi in 37:08 (14:47 avg. pace)

Afterward, I stretched my IT bands, quads, and hamstrings, then did some core work and upper body work with the dumbbells. I was going to use the 10 lb. weights, but the personal trainer had swiped them to work with a client. I was a little disappointed, as I was determined to work my way up from the 5 lb. weights, starting today. Oddly enough, the smallest dumbbells left on the rack were huge, like 25 pounds or something! I saw some smaller, beat-up looking ones on the side, so I went to investigate. I picked up one 8 pounder, found the matching 8 pound dumbbell, and decided to use those instead. I'm glad I did, because my biceps are plenty sore this evening! Yep, it'll be 8s for the biceps for a while!


carla said...

running AND weights?

this morning
Im off to be, err, mimic you.


Johann said...

You are so dedicated, well done! I do some upper body work 3 times per week. It really helps a lot for the longer distances.


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