Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hill Work on the Treadmill

Today's workout was a 4 mile run/walk, with three miles on incline running on the treadmill and a mile's worth of walking, broken up into quarters. The first running mile was at 2% incline, Mile 2 was at 1%, and Mile 3 was at 2.5%. It wasn't as bad as I expected, during or after. I'm tired now, but not as much as I expected. Total run/walk miles today: 4.03 in 63:01. I'll take it.

I enjoyed co-hosting the Runners Roundtable Podcast earlier this week! It was about Dick Beardsley's running camp. One thing I learned from the two campers who were part of the show was the importance of core work to running. That's one of the big things they took away from the running camp (which sounds like a blast, by the way!). I've been a little slack with the core work on a regular basis, but it sounds like it's something that deserves to become a permanent addition to my weekly workout plan.


Becka said...

I only recently started the hill workouts on treadmill. Sure makes me appreciate the regular long runs with no incline :D

Johann said...

Hill work on the treadmill? I’m not sure how I’ll handle that. Well done with that workout!


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