Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tired From Yesterday's Speed Workout

This morning's assignment was 30-35 min. on the bike, easy resistance but high cadence. My legs were so tired from yesterday's speedwork, followed by time at the mall right after work, so I wasn't very speedy this morning. I finished with 5.82 miles in 35:02, about 6 min. miles. Ah, well!

Yesterday's speedwork of mile repeats went well enough, as I hit my goal times. Both miles were supposed to be sub-13:00.

Walked 0.50 mile in 9:20
Ran 0.50 mile easy in 7:38
Ran 1 mile in 12:48 (3:00 minute rest afterward)
Ran 1 mile in 12:45 (yay for a negative split!)
Walked 0.28 mile to cool down

Afterward, I thought, "Eh, no big deal, really." But my legs (and body) are tired today! I hope I'll be able to get to bed early tonight.


Johann said...

Shows that you’re really training hard. That’s great, but get some good rest as well. I often run on tired legs, but somewhere I have to take it easy to recover.

Becka said...

Yay for negative splits!!


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