Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Speedwork Tuesday (Mile Test)

Today's speedwork assignment included a mile test to check on my speed. Like the whimp that I am (sometimes!), I opted for the treadmill. The last mile test on a treadmill ended in a 13:18 back on March 13. The last mile test I did outside was last month, a downhill course, where I clocked in the neighborhood of 13:45.

Today's workout:

Walked 0.50 mi in 10:11 (warm-up)
Ran 1 mi in 15:23 (target was 15:00-16:00, easy)
Ran 1 mi in 12:29 (was supposed to be @ 100%, but I still had energy in the tank at the end)
Walked 1 .15 mi in 20:09 to cool down

Eh, pretty good, but I could've gone faster. Safely? Dunno, but I could've. I was just shooting for a sub-13:00! :)


Johann said...

Good running there! I always feel (know) I could have gone faster. I suppose it’s a bad habit, but I rather run a bit safer. I’ve been injury free for years and would rather keep it that way than push the limits.

Christina said...

Great job with that fast mile. You maybe could have went faster and can try it again soon. Afterwards I always think I could have went faster but during the run, I would disagree with that thought.

Skylar Masey said...

Great numbers Lesley! Always better to be safe than sorry, especially since this is training...not a race! As they say: He that fights and runs away, may live to fight another day. :0)


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