Sunday, May 16, 2010

Yesterday's Run Plus Foot Aches

Yesterday I landed on one of the Raleigh Greenways again, the one between the mall and Shelley Lake. I got an earlier start, around 7:30, but still ended up struggling at the end, for a total of 4.86 miles in 1:30:00. I was hyper-aware of a recurring pain in my right foot, under the toe bride after about 3 miles. It bothered me more yesterday than I remember, though it's been a recurring problem for longer distances since club cross country in college. It doesn't bother me on a daily basis, just after running about 3 miles. After some research today, I think it might be Morton's neuroma. I've ordered a Spenco cushion to try, and if that doesn't work, I'll go see the podiatrist. I think that if I can get this problem (and the pain) cleared up, then my running speed will improve!

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Julia Writer said...

Wow, I commend you for you commitment to exercise. I am very slack in that area, even though I know it would do me the world of good. Keep it up!


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