Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sole Sisters

I finished the book Sole Sisters over lunch today, and I enjoyed it! I am a sucker for running stories, learning what makes runners tick, how they got started, what continues to motivate them to run. I got a lot of that in this book! I especially enjoyed learning more about elite runners like Grete Waitz and Joan Benoit Samuelson in this collection of stories. Since I'm still looking for a running group of my own, it was interesting to hear about how some other running groups got started. Some of the story themes were predicatable (though still interesting to me), like being motivated by divorce or cancer, but still, it's a nice collection of stories about women runners.


Black Knight said...

I see part of my life in this post: I began to run after reading the James Fixx book (1985) on running and I am a cancer survivor (1991).

Lesley said...

I remember the James Fixx book well! While I started running just a few years earlier, I'd slacked off, and that book got me going again (before I slacked off again!).

Congratulations on being a cancer survivor nearly 10 years out! Would love to hear more about your running story! I'll take a look at your blog, too!

Christina said...

I haven't heard of this book and will have to search it out.


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