Monday, May 24, 2010

Running With New Shoe Inserts

I ran at Shelley Lake yesterday morning, and eventhough it was early (around 7 AM), the humidity was pretty thick already! I had the new Sole inserts in, and was hopeful that it would be a good 5 mile run/walk along Shelley Lake and Crabtree Creek. Although I don't usually run with music outside, I had my iPod with me yesterday for a change of pace. Things started out well, but then the right foot pain returned as usual just before mile 3. :( I didn't have any problems with the plantar fasciitis on my left foot, which was a good thing, but the right foot pain was bad enough that I increased my walk breaks, and my running intervals were slower too. Of course, the bottom fell out of the clouds while I was out there, as a big thunderstorm rolled over! *sigh* We've been in need of rain big time, so it's hard to complain too much, but I'd rather it waited til I was in my car!! At the end of the run/walk, it was 5 miles in 1:33:27. Stinky time, but I made it in.


Johann said...

Sorry to hear about the foot. Hope you can sort this out soon!

Christina said...

When I first got inserts he had me break them in. Wear them in my tennis shoes just walking around the house/work. Then add a little running in them.


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