Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Busy Galloway Weekend

It's been a busy weekend, much of it filled with Jeff Galloway-related events!

George, my better half, is going to be a pace group leader for the Raleigh Galloway group this season, so we were invited to the program director's home Friday night for a party, and Jeff Galloway was there. It was really nice to chat with him and  quite a few others Friday night.

Yesterday morning was our annual Galloway kick-off for the new season, which starts next weekend. It was a great turnout at the art museum auditorium, fun to see "old" friends and meet some new people. Afterward, George and I both participated in the running school taught by Jeff Galloway at Rex Wellness Center in Raleigh. Between the kick-off and the running school, I got a wealth of information, and left with a good bit to process. During a break at the running school, I had Jeff Galloway sign my training log, and one of our classmates took a picture of George and me with  Jeff.


Johann said...

That is so great for motivation. Sounds like you really enjoyed this.

Black Knight said...

It sounds like a very beautiful week-end full of motivations.


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