Thursday, May 13, 2010

Another American Tobacco Trail Run

Well, this morning I returned to the American Tobacco Trail for another run/walk. It was a little warmer this morning than it was on Tuesday, but I was glad not to have to make any unexpected stops during today's run (like I did on Tuesday). I enjoyed the smells and sounds of late spring out there, and even recognized some faces from Tuesday's run.

I finished 3.93 miles in 1:10:01 this morning, faster than last Saturday's pace, but still a slower pace than I ran a few weeks ago. Could the heat be affecting me already? I do need to get out there earlier anyway, which means I need to get to bed earlier!

While I was on the trail, I left a book by Jill McCorkle that I'd registered on Bookcrossing on a bench along the ATT, and by the time I came back by that bench, the book had been taken already! :) I hope someone enjoys it.

Well, tomorrow's a rest day, and then I'm back on the trail on Saturday. Since I've had two runs in a row on the American Tobacco Trail, I'll probably try someplace different this weekend.

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