Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Little Longer

Today I went for 43 minutes on the elliptical machine (3.29 miles), then 2 minutes on the treadmill (.14 miles). The treadmills were all taken when I got to the gym this morning, and I got on a roll on the elliptical. :)

I returned to the orthopaedist yesterday, a follow-up appointment about my groin strain. The doctor could see improvement, and was encouraging about my 5K last Saturday. She did prescribe 4 more weeks of physical therapy, which will help. I was sore last night from the extra stretching during the appointment!

Meanwhile, I'm thinking about signing up for a Jeff Galloway Training Group that's starting near here next month. I'm especially intrigued by the emphasis on training and staying injury free. Advice is welcome!


Uncivil said...

Wow, I'm glad you posted the Jeff Galloway link. That's interesting. I never thought about the walk breaks?
Very interesting stuff!
Thanks....Hope you get over your cold soon!!!!!!

Lesley said...

I know! I used to think that walk breaks were a sign of weakness, but I've been rethinking that of late, and think it's certainly something to consider for my first marathon. Heck, I certainly didn't feel embarrassed about the walk breaks during the recent Cary Road Race, and I was so happy to finish the race feeling good and uninjured!

Lesley said...
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