Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Speed and Endurance

Yesterday's speed workout was one of the most challenging I can remember. I felt tired, and wanted to cut it short, but it felt important to finish. In a mental way, and a physical one too, really, I feel like I'm banking tough workouts now for a payoff sometime down the road.

Ran 1 mile easy in16:08 to warm up
Ran 1.5 miles in 20:03
Ran .25 mile in 3:03
Ran .25 mile in 3:02
Ran .25 mile in 3:01
Ran .25 mile in 3:01
Walked .50 mile in 9:07

I was pretty wiped out afterward, but it was on to the day's work, which included my niece moving into her dorm as a freshman at the university where I work! (I didn't have to help her move in, though.) Even though I was pretty tired at work after that workout, I enjoyed the energy from the students, fresh-faced and excited about the new beginning. :)

I went to bed really early last night, so this morning I felt a little more rested, but still pretty tired. Luckily, I had a bike workout on the schedule, but was surprised to see it was a 50-minute ride at high cadence. I duked it out for the whole 50 minutes, good endurance practice for me, but I sucked at the high cadence part this morning. I was able to go faster some of the time, but had a hard time maintaining it. I finished the 50 minute ride with 7.9 miles. It feels pretty good to have completed it, but I'm already hoping for another early bedtime tonight!!


Johann said...

I get this from time to time when I’m training a lot and only a good catch-up on sleep helps. Keep it going but rest well.

Christina said...

Excellent job with the speed work. It's so challenging but feels great when done.


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