Saturday, August 14, 2010

8 Miles on the Raleigh Greenway

Today's assignment was 8 big ones, and I'd been wondering how it would go. I was a little late getting started, because I took some time to roll my feet over a frozen water bottle I keep in the freezer.

I decided to run on my own on the Crabtree Creek and Shelley Lake trails this morning, rather than starting with the Galloway group, but was delighted to run into my Galloway pace group near the end of Mile 2! I ran/walked 1:1s with them for about 4 miles, and I think that hanging with them helped my pace a bit. My right toe bridge started hurting as usual, though a little later today, so I had to slow down a bit. They were doing 10 miles today, and since I only had 8 to do, I turned back toward my car at one point, while they went on.

The weather was overcast this morning, but still pretty humid, I thought. Still, it was a nice morning for a run outside!
I feel a little better about my run today. No mile splits above 18:59 (yay!), and more mile splits below 18:00. My average pace today was 18:11, a nice improvement over last week's 18:39 average pace. Was the improvement a fluke? Stay tuned for next weekend's long run!

1) 18:42
2) 17:59
3) 18:09
4) 18:58
5) 17:46
6) 17:39
7) 18:52
8) 17:26
.03) 0:32

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