Sunday, August 29, 2010

Long Run Was a Bust

Yesterday's long run/walk on the American Tobacco Trail was supposed to be a 10 miler, but the pain in my right toe bridge starting coming on in the first mile. Yikes! I tried more walking, but once I started running again, the pain eventually became pretty sharp. I stopped at 5.31 miles (1:47:24), and drove to the gym, in hopes of giving my foot a rest, with a plan of getting more miles in. I walked 1.42 miles in 25 minutes, and decided to give my foot a rest and call it a day, exercise-wise.

So, I met up with some Raleigh Galloway friends at Panera. We often meet at the nearest Panera after a run. While they are known for the bready things, it's a place that pleases everyone. I often get the Greek Salad; yesterday's had some grilled chicken atop. Yum!


Johann said...

Wise choice to rather give the foot a rest. Have you tried different shoes for this?

Lesley said...

Good question, Johann. I've tried several brands and models over the years, and most recently about a month or so ago, to the Brooks Dyad, which is a good one for shoe inserts (which I have now) and custom orthotics (which I hope to have in the next few months). On my most recent visit to the shoe store, I picked up some metatarsal pads to try, but haven't put them in yet. The placement of free-standing metatarsal pads is a bit tricky, I've found.

I have another 10 miler on the books next Saturday, and am hoping to complete it, at some speed or another. Meanwhile, I'm taking it a little easier this week, and icing + the ibuprofen thing.

Many thanks for the encouragement!


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