Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Another Speed Workout in the Books

Today's speed assignment was 3 mile repeats between 13:00 and 13:30. I looked at this with a hairy eyeball, but decided to see if I could have negative splits, to boot! First , I warmed up a little.
Walked 0.25 mi in 5:00
Ran 0.53 mi in 8:02
Ran 1 mi in 13:21
Ran 1 mi in 13:14
Ran 1 mi in 13:12
Walked 0.27 mi in 5:03

I wish I could claim this workout on the road, but alas, it was on the treadmill, which is an easier way to go. Still, it was a good workout for me.


Christina said...

That is a great workout. Doing negative splits in mile repeats is hard. You know, I've never done a mile repeat workout. I'm too lazy.

Johann said...

Awesome workout! Repeats need lots of willpower. Well done!

Lexx Cieckiewicz said...

Good workout keep up the good work.


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