Thursday, June 17, 2010

Walking Machine

Today's assignment was 45 minutes of brisk walking, so I decided to head outside to a nearby neighborhood instead of going to the gym. When I started, I forgot about the "brisk" part of the workout, as I was enjoying being outside. Then I realized I needed to pick up the pace! I ended up doing 3.28 miles in 1:05:01, a longer workout than I'd planned, especially before work, but it was great to start out the day outside! My mile splits are below:

1) 21:37
2) 19:37
3) 18:39
.28) 5:07

Meanwhile, here's a fun little photo from the San Francisco Chronicle:

Bob Schneeveis of Palo Alto demonstrates his battery-powered "Walking Machine." Chronicle photo by Michael Maloney

1 comment:

Johann said...

Glad you enjoyed being outside. You are exercising very regularly. You’ll reap the benefits for sure, keep it up. That walking machine is really crazy!


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