Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Recovery Week

So, this is a recovery week for me. Brennan schedules me for three "hard" workout weeks, followed by one "recovery" week, to let my body rest for a bit. I still work out, but it gives me a chance to recover a little bit. At first, it felt a little strange, but now I kinda look forward to that fourth week of low-key workouts. Since this will be a busy week at work, I'm thankful for the shorter workouts, too.

George and I enjoyed a short getaway to Emerald Isle, North Carolina, from Sunday to yesterday, where we gathered with some other family members to break in my sister's newest rental house on the beach. We helped hang pictures and arrange things, and it was fun to help out, in addition to getting a little extra exercise. :) We also enjoyed the hot tub and pool for a bit, in addition to the beach, and as an added bonus, my uncle gave George, Emily, Laura, and me a long tennis lesson Sunday night! The tennis lesson was great exercise, and I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed the game! Now I want a new tennis racquet and lessons!

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