Saturday, June 12, 2010

Longest Run of the Year!

Today's scheduled 6-miler turned out to be my longest run of the year! :)

I started out about 6:20 this morning in the Crabtree Creek area of the Raleigh Greenway System, and got a couple of miles in early before meeting up with the rest of the Galloway group. I saw some other Gallowayers on the trails getting in some early mileage before the group run as well, which made me feel a little "hardcore" like I think they are! :) After walking an extra quarter of a mile with the pace group, I started my own run/walk routine. It was a warm and muggy morning, but not quite as bad as I expected. I enjoyed stopping at the Galloway water stops and allowing the pace group to catch up with me. Since George is one of the pace group leaders for that particular group, it was fun chatting with him as well as the others for a couple of minutes. Toward the end of the run, one of the runners actually caught up with me, as he was in the mood to go a little faster than the group was going (and I was following my running coach's orders), so we had a nice chat. Herb is in his 80s, and is a real inspiration to me! I enjoyed talking with him so much that I ended up going an extra half mile today, finishing 6.5 miles of run/walk in 2:00:03! It was a long time to be out there, and it was slow, for sure, but it was one of the nicest runs I've had in a while.

Picture of Crabtree Creek above from


Christina said...

Isn't it great to hit the longest run of the year? And it sounds like you did great and enjoyed it too.

Johann said...

That sounds like a very good run and you enjoyed it. It is good to feel a bit hard core. It certainly motivates me. You are making wonderful progress.


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