Saturday, June 05, 2010

Decent Run Today!

I joined the local Galloway training group again for my run today, as I enjoy the people, the running comraderie, but I did my own run/walk assignment. (I continue to hope I'm not causing any ill will or confusion by doing this!) My Garmin Forerunner battery died before I completed my 4.2 mile assignment, but it did record 3.92 miles in 1:07:50, which was a 17:18 overall pace for me, pretty darn good for a long run for me, especially since it was pretty hot and humid at the start.

1) 19:44 (walked the whole mile)
2) 13:44 (ran the whole mile)
3) 17:59 (ran/walked, going uphill)
.92) 16:23 (ran/walked, going uphill)

At the halfway point, we stopped at the Galloway water stop, and noticed that someone down the street was on the ground! It was a neighborhood runner who had passed us on the other side of the street, it turned out. There were several nurses in our group who went down to help and stay with him until help arrived after the 911 call. Scary stuff, and reminded me of the importance of drinking water and being mindful of how I'm feeling out there!

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Skylar Masey said...

So glad the nurses were there to help! We were in High Point for the marathon earlier this year, and walking through the hotel after getting a drink. A lady ran in and yelled for the hotel staff to call 911 because a runner was down. Sis and I ran out there to find him, but there was already a couple there tending to him...and the EMS arrived in a few minutes. He was less than a mile from the finish. :0( Sad for him, but glad help was nearby.


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