Saturday, November 21, 2009

Saturday Long Walk

I joined the Galloway group again this morning, and still walking, ended up covering 5.31 miles in 1:41:02, about a 19 minute pace. My left IT band was a little bit fussy, but not too bad. Still, I was glad I got out and saw the group and walked. The cooler temps felt really good, too! I met he group back at Panera Bread at the mall, and it was nice to meet a few new (to me) runners from the faster pace groups today. A good morning out.

1 comment:

Teamarcia said...

Hi I just found your blog! My IL's live in Chapel Hill so I'm there every other T'giving--I normally do the Gallop n Gorge 8k in Carborro. Careful with that IT!


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