Saturday, July 30, 2011

Galloway Long Run #13 (Plus Pancakes!)

I had a 6 mile run/walk on this morning's calendar, and I'm happy to report that I completed it. It was a good bit slower than last week's run, but it felt really good to finish it AND stay on track with my training schedule.

I started at about 5:30 AM on the Bent Creek Greenway in Raleigh, and followed it to the Shelley Lake Trail. This YouTube video (done by someone else) shows my path today (though I went the opposite way around the lake):

While I was on the trail, I passed a number of other Raleigh Galloway runners, and it was fun, as always to see them out there. Even though I'd set out on my own this morning, the camaraderie among the group as a whole is very encouraging! Thanks to Ashby for shooting this picture of me in passing!

After the run, we had the annual Raleigh Galloway/ North Carolina Roadrunners Club pancake breakfast, cooked by volunteers who gave up their training time this morning to cook for over 400 runners! The food and company were great!

Here's a map of my run/walk course this morning:


William said...

Great Job! That is ton of pancakes!

irissutcliffe said...

I'm so envious of the running community in your area! So many excellent people and events. And pancakes!

Nice job on the six-miler. Starting early is the only way to do it this summer. Yesterday was particularly brutal!

Molly said...

What a pretty route! That must be so nice :)

Lesley said...

Thanks, y'all! The annual post-run breakfast is a lot of fun, and includes scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, and fruit, in addition to pancakes (blueberry, chocolate chip, and regular), a veritable feast!

This past Saturday's route is one of my favorites in the area. It's mostly along Crabtree Creek and Shelley Lake in Raleigh, so in the heat of the summer day, it's extra humid!


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