Sunday, March 02, 2008

A Little Sore

This morning I got an extended workout in on the elliptical machine, going the maximum of 65 minutes the first time, and then another 15 minutes after that. I was wondering if I could do a 10K (6.2 miles) on the elliptical, since that's the next race distance I'm signed up for, on March 30. Can I be ready, fitness-wise? I ended up going for 80 minutes total, burning 808 calories, and "traveling" 6.36 miles. Not a bad way to spend a morning. I am feeling a little sore, but in places other than my injured groin area. It's a good feeling, but I do need to stretch today.

My running distance for the week was 1.79 miles. *sigh* I do miss running.

I had a nice weight loss this morning on Day #2 of the Take 20 Challenge, nearly 3 lbs off of yesterday's starting weight! I've decided that my reward for losing 20 lbs. (whenever that happens) is an iPod classic. I really enjoy my red nano, and will hang on to it, but would love more storage space and the ability to watch some video podcasts. (I've never really been into music videos, though I love the one by OK Go with the guys on the treadmills!)

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Uncivil said...

That is the coolest video. I wonder how many takes it took them to get it right?


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