Sunday, March 09, 2008

Likely Day Off

Last evening I tripped up and my face met up with a concrete sidewalk, scraping up my face and breaking my nose! Ouch! The tumble also hurt my right knee. George got me to Urgent Care, where they checked me out and cleaned up my face. The nose appears to be the only broken bone, thank goodness. I have a couple of prescriptions to start taking today (the pharmacy was closed by the time we got out of the doctor's office). Monday I'll make an appointment with an ear, nose and throat doctor for a couple weeks down the road to see what needs to be done about my nose, if anything. This morning it's swollen and skinned up, but I can still tell it's crooked. Pretty! :-P

Since my knee is still sore this morning, I'm probably going to take today off and just rest.


Uncivil said...

Oh my gosh! Hope you're doing OK!
Here I was fretting about my tender knee and read this!
Darn....,and you're still trying to get over the groin strain at the same time.
You might want to take up boxing now? You will look the part with the broke nose!LOL!!!
Just kidding!
Take care.

Jenny said...

Thanks for commenting on my led me to yours! My gosh, I hope your nose is all right! Hang in there, I'll be checking in to see how you are doing!

By the way, I was looking at your race times on the sidebar, and holy moly! You've gone from a 58 minute 5k to a 35 minute 5k?!? How the heck did you do that? That's so awesome! You must be a very consistent trainer. Good job!


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