Thursday, March 06, 2008

First PT Session

Well, I had my first physical therapy session this morning. It went well, but I am pretty darn sore now! Heather, the physical therapist, talked with me some about my injury and medical history, and worked with my legs to see where I am. We did some stretching and picked out a few for me to do twice daily. Meanwhile, I have four more PT appointments in the next two weeks.

I asked her when I could start running again, and she said to hold off for at least another week. She said that if I started back running now, we wouldn't know which soreness was from the PT and which as from running again. Meanwhile, when I go to the gym, I'm supposed to warm up on a cardio machine (she suggested the seated bike) for 5 minutes, get off and stretch, then do the 45-60 minutes of cardio I usually do (again, she suggested the bike), then more stretching. And more stretching at night. Did I forget to mention that my guads and hamstrings are tight?!

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