Sunday, March 04, 2012

Started Couch to 5K Program Today!

I completed Week 1, Day 1 of the Couch to 5K program this afternoon, and I'm feeling pretty good! It wasn't too hard, especially considering it's the longest I've spent on the treadmill in a while. The time went by pretty quickly, actually. One thing that helped was that I wore a new pair of running shoes today, birthday present shoes from my sister. I'd been waiting for some good reason, like more commitment to running, to pull them out. Ahhh, nothing like new running shoes! :-)

Anyway, I'm already looking forward to W1D2, which will be in another 2-3 days. My third run/walk of the week will be the Run for the Oaks 5K on Saturday. I'll do my assigned run/walk for the C25K program, then probably walk the rest of the way. It's all good! I'll have to pick another 5K in May to see my improvement! :-)

1 comment:

Johann said...

Great to see you back on a program Lesley. Keep it going!


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