Monday, February 08, 2010

Recovery Run

Another run was on my schedule today. I was kinda surprised, considering I had a race yesterday afternoon. Plus, I didn't sleep well last night, partly because the nasal congestion from Friday flaired back up again. So I was pretty grumpy this morning as I started my run/walk. My assignment was to run/walk 3.5 miles, with a 1% incline during the running segments. I ended up doing 3.54 miles in 60 minutes, a pretty slow pace for me of late, but I was happy to complete the distance. It helped me to get over yesterday's race...a little. I'm still kinda perturbed about it, but I need to shake it off. It was a 2010 PR, and in the big scheme of things, that's what matters, right. I can't control everything in a race, so I just need to focus on what I can control--my own nutrition, overall health, and training!


Christina said...

Excellent attitude. You did great and that is the bottom line.

P.S. I always add one other thing to what I control. I can control my shoe laces and always make sure they are double tied.

Lesley said...

Thanks, Christina! Shoe laces, that's a good one! :) Reminds me that I can also control what I wear on race day, and that I can help myself feel cooler and more comfortable.


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