Saturday, February 20, 2010

Race Report: 2010 Law Enforcement Torch Run 5K

It seems like this is the first pretty weekend we've had in a few weeks, so it was nice to wake up to blue skies for this morning's Law Enforcement Torch Run! I knew I'd be walking this one, as my knee is still bothering me a little bit, so I made it my goal to work on walking form a bit and finish strong. This was a pretty hilly course today, but I stayed pretty consistent throughout the race, and even managed to pass a few other walkers. It was a pretty big crowd for a February race, and quite a few walkers to boot. I was happy to finish with a chip time of 54:43 (gun time of 55:21), and 594th out of 645 runners and walkers.

It's kind of interesting how two 5Ks in the same city, just two weeks apart, can have such a different feel for me. At the Run for the Roses, I was the last finisher, with a time in the upper 40s. This time there happed to be more walkers, perhaps because this was for a different charity. Also, the Run for the Roses was on a Sunday afternoon, and this one was on a Saturday morning. Eventhough I finished with a slower time this morning than I did two weeks ago, and I'm still not 100% physically, I feel better about today's finish than I did two weeks ago.


Dan Isaacs said...

Heh, whats amazing is that there were only 57 runners last weekend, when it was 37 degrees, @ the Run For Water in Africa (Centennial Campus course).

I need to see which race I 'll be able to make it to int he next few weeks.

Glad you enjoyed your morning walk. Hope the knee gets better and you can start running again before Summer gets here and we all go back inside again. :)

Christina said...

Great job! I'm glad this one felt overall better than the last one.


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