Friday, December 30, 2005


Wed. night, I went with George to the Duke Health and Fitness Center, where he is a member. (Mom and Dad are too.) Found out that Mom had called with her credit card to sign me up. Today I went in with my paperwork and got things started. My membership starts next week, and I will have the premium package for nights and weekends. That means I get some classes and stuff, plus a Lifestle Counselor and an exercise plan. Should keep me busy. Only thing is they close at 9 during the week, at 4 on Sat, and only open 1-5 on Sundays. So I'll keep my membership at the other place, especially since I still have PT sessions for a year.

Meanwhile, I walked in the pool about 10 minutes Wed. PM, then hit the hot tub! I'm about to go to my gym now for cardio and more pool time.

I now have my two big appointments for physicals coming up in January. Eeek! But I need to do this.

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