Wednesday, December 14, 2005

First full session with the personal trainer

Well, after some more measurements (including waist line! ick!), Heather really put me through my paces. I warmed up with 5 min. on the crosstrainer, then we worked on legs, shoulders, and abs. The hardest for me were the calves, and this thing with the free weights where I had them above shoulder level, then had to raise them up to touch the ends.

After we worked out for about 30 minutes, she told me to get on a cardio machine for another 20 minutes. Did the crosstrainer again, 20 min for 1.2 miles. Then I spent a long time in the hot tub!

While I was on the crosstrainer the last time, I met a lady next to me who, it turned out, works with dining services here at Duke. Her name is Mita, and it was fun making that connection with her. :-)

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