Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Water Aerobics

Tonight I made it to a water aerobics class at the gym, my first class at this gym, and my first water aerobics class in, like, forever! My right ankle is still pretty tender with achilles tendonitis (self-diagnosed), but I'm going nuts over lack of exercise! So, late this afternoon at work, I checked the group exercise schedule at the gym, and decided to try to make either the 6:30 water aerobics class or the 7:00 yoga class. Either one would have been great for me tonight, I think. I made it in time for water aerobics, and really enoyed the it, even though I was the only student! The instructor asked if I still wanted to have the class, and I was totally game if she didn't mind. She seemed good with going forward with the class too, so we grabbed some pool "toys" (noodles and foam weights) and hopped in the pool. I was glad it worked out, as I got a really good workout, as well as some good ideas for things to do on my own in the pool. And it was an hour long class, to boot. It felt great to exercise for a whole hour--my arms (especially) are still pretty tired! :)

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