Monday, February 21, 2011

Saturday Speedwork

Saturday's workout was a little different! I signed up to join some other Raleigh Galloway runners for a running clinic held by another Raleigh Galloway runner, Luis, where we learned some speed work exercises plus a hill repeat drill. Since that didn't start until 10:00, I walked 2.29 miles beforehand. I'd meant to walk indoors on the gym treadmill, but by the time I got to the gym, there was only one treadmill left--and it was broken! Not a bad thing, though, walking outdoors, as it was a beautiful morning (though a little windy). I covered the distance in 45:08, a 19:42 average pace. I was happy to get under 20 min. for the average mile pace, as I'm trying to work my way down to sub-18 for some half-marathons with 4-hour cut-offs that I'm interested in doing.

The running (speed) clinic was great! Got lots of ideas for strengthening exercises. Unfortunately, the tendonitis in my right ankle really got aggravated, so yesterday turned into an unexpected rest day from exercise. My ankle was still quite tender this morning, until I took a warm shower and the ankle warmed up a little took, so I decided not to exercise this morning too. I think I'll use the dumbbells at home after work this evening, convenient to do and restful for the ankle.

I'm a little discouraged about missing some more endurance training with the half marathon coming up in a month, but I still have time. Perhaps I need to remember that rest is part of training too!

Meanwhile, I am working on other healthy habits, and my weight was down a little this morning.

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