Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New Orthotics, New Shoes

I picked up my new orthotics on Monday, and last evening I got a fresh pair of Brooks Dyads to put them in. I've worned the orthotics since I picked them up Monday morning, and even walked twice yesterday--once on the treadmill yesterday morning before work, and then outside late yesterday on a break. I'm pretty tired today, probably a combination of getting accustomed to the new orthotics, and getting my strength back from being out last week with the flu. I've had laryngitis for a week now, a secondary viral infection from the flu, and trying to talk at work makes me tired too. I'm eager to lean into my half marathon training and test the limits of my new orthotics, but my body is telling me to ease into things! Meanwhile, I'm trying to get more rest and drink plenty of liquids.


Johann said...

Hope you feel better soon! Exciting prospect of training with the new footwear.

Christina said...

New orthodics AND shoes. Nice.
I hope this new combination does the trick for you.

butcept said...

I bought new shoes last month. I was very excited about them since I haven't purchased a new pair in over a year (I know, I know...). When I started getting pain in my ankles and feet, I was like "uh-oh, what have I done now?" Until one day, I looked at my old shoes and noticed that they still had my orthotics in 'em. :) All better now!


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