Saturday, January 15, 2011

It's Hard to Listen with Good Company and Good Scenery

Jafar, George, Sue, & Margaret

Well, I walked farther than I expected (or wanted) to today, but I took my camera with me today, and I just couldn't help it!

I started out with these four fun people, but they took off after a few minutes to do their run/walk thing. Since I'm "just" walking for now, I started stopping peridocally to take pictures! I made it once around the lake with camera at the ready, then closed it up and decided to take another lap around a slightly frozen Shelley Lake.

I ended up walking 4.26 miles in 1:31:02. It felt great at the time, all the fresh air and nice scenery! Tonight, my knee is talking to me a bit louder! I'd better listen tomorrow!

The pictures I took of today's nice walk around Shelley Lake are here.

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