Friday, December 10, 2010

On My Way Back

It another 30-minute bike ride at the gym this morning, and hit 5.17 miles, helping me get to 10.17 miles of cardio for the week. My goal for the week was to hit 10 miles of cardio for the week, so it feels good to surpass the 10 mile mark with a couple of days to go in the workout week (Monday through Sunday for me). Yes, 10 miles in an hour's worth of biking is pretty easy when you think about it, but part of it, for me, is getting back into the swing of exercise after the half marathon and other things.

Body-wise, my achilles tendon is still a little tender, so I'm going to continue to take it fairly easy, and just work on building my endurance base back up. Speedwork will need to return to my routine soon, maybe after the first of the year.


Johann said...

Good idea to build a proper base. Take care of that achilles. Have a good weekend!

Lesley said...

Thanks, Johann!


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