Thursday, October 07, 2010

What's New

My arms are finally sore for the additional strength training I've been doing at the new gym! I was beginning to wonder if I were doing big enough weights. Yep, that's good.

Speaking of the new gym, I've figured out that there's a disparity in the follow-through-ness (I know there's a better word) of the front desk staff there! I've already discovered that the front desk person AKA Brian will answer questions and point things out with a positive attitude. Others have been less responsive. My biggest concern right now is getting my name into their system so I can get a swipe card and not have to sign in every time I go there. Brian gave my name and number to two different staff members after I talked with him a couple days ago, and someone was supposed to give me a call. Nada. So, Brian checked again this morning to see if I was in the system yet (no), and got my name and number again. I just feel like being persistant about this.

Meanwhile, I biked againt this morning, but didn't do any weight training, opting to give my upper body a rest. Since I haven't been running, though, I've noticed I haven't been burning as many calories, and it's making a difference on the scales. I definitely need to reverse that trend!! Tomorrow, though, will probably be a rest day from exercise. I'm thinking about testing my foot with some walking on Saturday.

Good things I learned from this morning's gym visit included learning where the steam room is in the ladies locker room (though it's broken right now) and the hot tub (which is outdoors, just outside of the indoor pool area). Can't wait to use those things! :)


Becka said...

Sounds like the gym was a good choice for you!

Lesley said...

Thanks, Becka, it is!


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