Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Yesterday's Speedwork--Not! But Go Blue Devils!

Yesterday was supposed to be a speed workout, but that didn't happen. Brennan, my running coach, had emailed me over the weekend, and asked how my knee felt. I admitted that my weekend workouts had felt a bit sluggish, and my knee was talking to me a little. So, she suggested I make yesterday's speed workout a 2-2.5 mile walk instead! I'm glad she gave me a way out of having to do speed, because it turns out I had a way late night Monday night, staying up to watch the whole Duke-Butler game in the NCAA Basketball Championship game! It was too exciting and CLOSE not to watch the whole thing, which lasted til around Midnight EDT, then I was too keyed up to go to sleep for a while. *sigh* So, I walked an easy 2.32 miles in 45:03 minutes on the treadmill yesteray morning, then went to bed early last night. (I think I finally gave up and turned my light out aroun 8:00!)

I was good for little yesterday at work, but it was a good day to be a Duke fan! :) Unfortunately, I arrived at work to see the (Duke) blue screen of death on my computer screen, so I had to work at another computer all day. I hope it gets fixed today.

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