Friday, November 05, 2010

A New Workout Schedule in the Works?

This week, it just so happens that I've only worked out three times since Monday (when I start my workout week). I'll work out tomorrow morning, too, of course. It's a big shift from my usual workout week of 6 trips to the gym or the trails. I've been busy with work after last week's vacation, as well as the start of National Novel Writing Month on Monday (November 1). I must admit that I've made good use of the time I missed my workouts, and have enjoyed getting a variety of things done. Is it the busy time of year? A shift in priorities? Hmmm. Part of what I'm thinking about now is how I can make the most of my workouts, and to maintain a minimum of 3-4 workouts a week.

I walked about 4 miles last Saturday, and my right foot hurt again. :( So, I'm still looking at orthotics after the first of the year, and we'll go from there with the running. You know what I miss? Having a road race that I'm shooting for! At some point, I'll need to look at how I can set other meaningful goals to shoot for.

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Skylar Masey said...


I've been pondering my shift in priorities too...though I know I want to get back in shape in time for February's half marathon in Myrtle Beach.

So sad the weekend before last when I had to sit on the sidelines...though I was happy to cheer for lots of other runners. It's still not the same as being out there on the course. My hubby has vetoed me doing the local Free to Breathe race next weekend, so I'll have to push my sights further out. And I'm trying to focus on getting back on my gym shcedule :0)

Change is always good! 3-4 workouts a week isn't shabby at all, esepcially if you're tackling NanoWriMo! I'm thinking of taking that leap too! Have so missed writing!


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